Monday, October 23, 2023

Who Are We?

Montana is a big state! Getting a statewide chapter of RWA established, and getting it to stick can be a challenge. But today, we have a growing, vibrant chapter of romance writers that spans both the Hi-line and the I-90 corridor (if you're not from Montana, that's the North and the South). 

The current incarnation had its genesis when a group of Montana writers from Big Fork went to the Emerald City Writers’ Conference in 2007.  There they met Teresa Bodwell, a romance writer from Missoula. She showed great interest in getting a chapter started again. 

In April 2008 Rionna Morgan and Pam B. Morris held a meeting at the Missoula Public Library to try to reform the chapter. Around 21 women from all around the state showed up! As always when Montana writers get together, ideas flowed.

Rionna Morgan took the ball and ran with it. She worked with RWA National and organized the chapter according to the national charter. When elections were held, Rionna was president, Pam B. Morris was secretary and a webmaster was appointed.

We created an online group to keep lines open across the state until the chapter could be finalized. The group held several critique sessions, and a retreat in the fall of 2008. Danica Winters became treasurer, Clare Woods became Vice-President, and Casey Dawes became webmaster in 2011. Final incorporation happened in 2012.

2012 marked our first writer’s conference, held at the Fairmont Hot Springs in September. B.J. Daniels was our keynote speaker. Our second conference, with Debra Holland keynoting, was held in Billings, also in September, in 2013. Our third conference will be held in Bozeman in 2014, and more information will be available soon. 

Current Officers are:

Casey Dawes, President (Missoula)
Melanie Calahan, Vice President (Missoula)
MK McClintock, Secretary (Bigfork)
Linda Locke, Treasurer (Bozeman)
Becca Syme, Webmaster/Newsletter (Bozeman)
Allie Walker, PAN Liaison (Phillipsburg)
Keri Lynn Dell, 2014 Conference Coordinator (Cutbank)


We are a diverse and enthusiastic group of writers who welcome new members and look forward to the growth and change of expanding romance in Montana. If you would like to join Montana RWA, please click here. If you have questions about MTRWA, please email us. You are always welcome to attend our monthly meetings. Check the right sidebar for the next MTRWA meeting.

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